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Do I need to have a plan before contacting you?

Although having a plan in mind is helpful, few design/build projects actually start with one. Clips from magazines of things you like help us understand what you are looking for. Looking at plan books to get ideas of features you like is also beneficial.


Do I need to have a building site located? 

Having a particular building site in mind is helpful so the best features of the site can be used in the design.  We can take best advantage of views, lot slopes and existing trees if we know where the home will be located.  If you do not have a site in mind, we are aware of most available sites in the area and can help you select the perfect one. 


What information should I bring with me to our initial meeting? 

Bring any site information such as a survey, legal description, flood plain information and location.  If you have made a choice already, bring plan books with pages marked and notes made of what you liked about it.  Bring pages from decorating magazines of features you liked.  If you have made preliminary floor plan sketches, bring them for discussion. Should I have funding for the project lined up before we meet? It helps us to know your budget amount when discussing your project.  We are constantly in the market and can save you a lot of time by guiding you in a direction that will fit your needs.  Any local financial institution can help you prequalify for a mortgage/construction loan. Do you have model homes so we can see a finished product? We are a custom home and design build company and therefore, seldom build "spec" homes or models.  However, after we meet with you and are made aware of the size and style of home you are looking for, we will make arrangements with our past clients to allow you to tour their home to see the finished product.  Most clients are very proud of their Coplen home and have been very accommodating to show it off.  A few days notice and specific time for the appointment will be set up for us to show you the home. 


I want to see how you construct your homes behind the pretty finished surfaces.  
Can you show me how your homes are constructed? 

We constantly have homes under construction in all phases.  We can make arrangements to tour those homes and look at how we put things together behind the final finish. 


What costs am I responsible for if I change my mind about building? 

There are no charges to you for our meetings, whether held here at our office, on a potential building site, touring a home of a former client or inspecting a home under construction. There are no charges for meetings with permit officials, soil boring crews, survey crews, utility suppliers, mechanical and trade subcontractors or lending officials.  You are responsible for our CAD time as described in our design contract which we are happy to let you look over at our office.


How long should I expect the process to take? 

Normally, you should allow 3-4 weeks for design time, 3-4 weeks to let out prints and specs for bids and compile those bids into a contract for the project. Once contracts are signed and a start date is agreed upon, you should allow 12-16 weeks for construction after the foundation is poured. Many factors can affect these time frames, so my answer is based upon a normal project with no weather delays, change orders, etc.


What if I want to handle parts of the project by myself? 

Since we are a custom home builder, we will work with you to complete the project. Some clients want to do the painting or staining themselves or they have a relative in the floor covering or appliance business that can save them money. We can adjust our schedules to allow you the time needed to accomplish this and will assist anyway we can.



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