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​​Coplen Construction, Inc. takes pride in the services we offer and project management is one of them. The key to a successful project and making it an enjoyable experience is our ability to manage your project from start to finish. Our project manager starts every project with one simple step  by listening to what you, the client, wants and how the final result will be completed. Your project manager will guide you through each phase of the project by making sure that you have a complete understanding of the process. We understand that after-hour and weekend appointments may be necessary so that each detail has the proper amount of attention. No matter how busy your schedules are, we will always take the time to help you make the critical decisions that come along. Availability is always our goal. Your project manager will oversee your building site every day so you do not have to. Our job is working for you to make sure your project moves forward on time and on budget.
Why should you choose a full service construction company? It is simple... SERVICE. Coplen Construction, Inc. offers many types of services for a variety of projects. No matter how small or large the project, we will always provide all or any one of our services to you. Every project starts with an idea or a concept and with over 30 years of experience, we can help get you started in the right direction. We have creative CAD designers, an interior design consultant, project managers, licensed plumbing staff, office management staff and an after-the-sale service manager. The advantages that these services bring to your projects are very simple; a cohesive team working together gives the best results. Come visit our team at Coplen Construction, Inc. for all your construction needs. Office hours are Monday thru Friday 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. After hour appointments are available by calling (574) 269-1673.



Are you sick of looking at plan books trying to find the perfect home for your family? Do you like some things about this plan, some things about that plan, the outside elevation of another and so on and so on but can not find a plan in the books with all those features combined? We have the answer. Coplen Construction is one of only a few Northern Indiana builders to provide an in-house custom design service.  A full time design professional is available to combine the different things you like about all those different plans and convert your ideas, your family needs, and your building site advantages into the perfect home for you.  



Coplen Construction, Inc. is proud to offer an in-house design consultant who can make those hard decisions seem so much easier. If you are building new or remodeling an existing home or office space, our design consultant can help make those difficult decisions much more manageable. Our consultant has over 15 years of experience in the interior design field, and she has won several interior decorating awards during our "Homes On Parade" event during the fall of the year.  
Our consultant can offer many different interior products from: furniture, cloth window covering, custom window blinds and shades, plantation shutters and much more. Her ties to the local retail market can assure you receive the best quality products at a competitive price. Let us help you make your next project a showcase design.



At Coplen Construction, we offer our clients the availability of designing a bath grouping of their own unique preference. Our plumbing staff and interior decorator will work with you to achieve an aesthetic as well as functionally plumbed home for years of enjoyment. Many of the ultra modern designs and styles of today's market have been installed by our plumbing staff. Moen is the preferred faucet by our staff because of the product's reliability and lifetime warranties. Projects such as Jacuzzi, Kohler, American Standard, Mansfield, Delta and many other designer brands are also used to provide a home that you will want to show your friends and family.  
Our staff is certified to install water treatment systems to provide softened or iron free water to all of the homes fixtures. Purified drinking water is also an option. We are licensed and bonded and are members of the Plumbing-Heating-Cooling Contractors Association (PHCC). All plumbing and water treatment services are warrantied by Coplen Construction, Inc.  
Coplen can also provide experienced installation of snowmelt systems for driveways and sidewalks to help eliminate the shoveling of now. The same system can be integrated for warming tile floors in bath and kitchen areas, creating a warm and comfortable year-round environment.  
Service is everything. We offer scheduled equipment checks along with regular service of all the products we install. We have plumbers available seven days a week to take care of any emergency that might arise in the daily usage of your home. We service what we install which eliminates the need for the homeowner to make several calls to correct any problem that might arise. As employees of Coplen Construction Inc, our service list is preferential to our homeowners. As many of them refer to us "We are your own personal plumbers".
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